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Top 10 Bridal Beauty Tips from Yvonne Sullivan Beauty

July 21, 2014

IT’S WEDDING SEASON! Whether it’s your big day this summer, or you’re helping a bride-to-be look her best for her very special day, here are 10 bridal beauty tips you won’t want to miss from Yvonne Sullivan Beauty.

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It’s so true that you are what you eat so focus on having a healthy, well-balanced diet. Lots of fruit and veg, cut down on saturated fats, sugars and salt, and try to get into the habit of treating your body to “five a day”.

Dresses by Katya Katya Shehurina

Dresses by Katya Katya Shehurina


Drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated as it’s especially good for reducing toxins and making skin glow.


Getting enough sleep is also essential before the big day to prevent your skin looking sallow.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 19.29.424. WEDDING MAKE-OVER

This should be booked well in advance of your wedding day. Even if you’re not having a professional artist do your bridal make-up on the big day, a trial run will really help you choose colours that work with you and the best cosmetics to make the most of your beautiful face. Remember to bring along a swatch of your dress if you have it.


Book yourself a skincare consultation with a specialist at least 6 weeks prior to your big day. The beauty counters at Selfridges, John Lewis, Harvey Nicks offer these and are the perfect way to analyse your skin’s health and find the right skincare products you need to keep your skin looking healthy and radiant.

Beauty Training Harrow's courses are in small groups so that students feel they have a personal learning environment to learn their skills professionally6. GOOD MAKE-UP BRUSHES

Invest in good make-up brushes to achieve a professional, flawless look. Lots of make-up counters in department stores sell them and Mac in particular have a really wide range that are suitable for a range of applications, including eyes, lips and skin. Always ensure you have someone to carry your lipstick and other essentials for necessary touch-ups throughout the day.


Lip balms have improved in leaps and bounds over the years. Some give gorgeous colour while others have an SPF of up to 35. Lip balm is essential for keeping your lips gorgeous and moisturised – it helps to prep the lips for a smooth, even application of lip colour. Using it as part of your night routine well in advance of your wedding will ensure beautifully moisturised lips for your special day.

Beauty Training Harrow runs professional make-up NVQ courses at times to suit you!

Beauty Training Harrow runs professional make-up NVQ courses at times to suit you!


If you decide to wear lipliner, it should closely match your lipstick. If it’s too dark, it will harshen your features. A medium-sized line, however, brings out lip make-up. Lipliners also extend the wear of lipstick and help prevent feathering.


All that laughter, tears and emotions you feel on your wedding day could make your eye make-up run so make sure your mascara is waterproof – it’s a beauty must! All the good make-up counters sell high quality waterproof mascara that won’t clump so shop around to see what suits.

10. HANDS!

NEW! Saturday courses at Beauty Training Harrow are perfect for those who can't commit to weekday coursesYour wedding ring will draw attention to your hands so have a professional manicure to make sure you show your ring off in its best light! Keep your hands beautifully moisturised before your big day with rich, luxurious creams that will leave your hands silky soft and lightly scented.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 19.11.32Check out our bridal beauty treatments at Yvonne Sullivan Beauty!

5 tips to avoid summer’s beauty blunders with Yvonne Sullivan Beauty

June 17, 2014

IT’S THAT time of year when beauty blunders are hard to avoid but here are 5 tips you won’t want to miss to get you through this summer’s biggest beauty challenges.

Keep naturally beautifully this summer with great tips to stay fresh

Keep naturally beautifully this summer

1. Face masque

In summertime your skin goes through many different variables like high temperatures and humidity. We respond by applying a lot of additional products to our skin e.g. sun protection.

But layers of products can clog your pores and make your skin look dull and lifeless. Applying a self-heating masque to your face will draw out dirt, remove dead cells and leave your skin looking fresh and radiant.

Look for masques with natural charcoal or Kaolin in them as they provide a really deep cleanse – for optimum results I would suggest that you apply weekly during this time of year.

2. Cucumber or teabags

Cool cucumber is one of the best treatments to perk up tired eyes in summer

Cool cucumber perks up tired eyes

A tried and tested winner to help with puffiness around the eyes – the tea from the teabags also helps combat dark circles.

It will save time if you put either cucumber or teabags on your eyes while you’re doing your masque – also a great opportunity to take a 10-minute lie-down to cool off from the summer’s sun.

3. Cooling cleansing wipes

Sweating is inevitable in summer and many of us feel embarrassed by it. As well as a good deodorant, cooling body cloths are great to wipe off any sweat if you’re on the go a lot, working out at the gym or wiping feet after being in flip lops all day.]. They fit perfectly in your handbag if you have a long road trip on a sizzling hot day or a tiring train journey into the city. Boots are offering 3 for 2 at the moment.

4. Hair serum & pony tails

Hair frizz is one of the biggest beauty mishaps during summer so look for a hair serum with sillicose because this key ingredient softens the hair and tames the frizz. Apply serum to hair while it’s still damp and then style as usual.

Ponytails are superchic this season. Once your ponytail is up, keep the hair back off your face so that you can show off your healthy skin. Use some nice feminine hair accessories to look & feel feminine and create a great glam-casual look.

5. Happy Feet!

Right foot first with these 5 great tips for summer freshness

Right foot first with these 5 great tips

With the trend this summer to have your toes out in sandals and flip-flops, don’t forget to put feet first!

Paraffin wax manicures are one of the best treatments to keep those feet in great condition.

Leather sandals will keep your feet healthy but if your feet are prone to a bit of sweat then investing in anti-bacterial soap will help keep them fresh.


Get happy feet with this sizzling summer offer!

Get happy feet with this sizzling summer offer!

Enjoy this fantastic Luxury Pedicure & Waxing offer at Yvonne Sullivan Beauty Salon…..

For just £20 you can enjoy a luxury pedicure plus £10 off any waxing treatment at Yvonne Sullivan Beauty.

The Luxury Pedicure includes cut, file, shape, cuticle removal, exfoliation, massage with hot stones, paraffin wax application, hot towels, mask and colour polish application*.

Offer available from July 1st to July 31st. *French polish application additional £3.

Salon opening hours:

Monday – Thursday 8am – 8pm

Friday 8am – 6pm

Saturday 8am -1pm

To book, call: 020 8206 2930 or email:


Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 19.00.34Don’t forget we also sell Gift Vouchers for birthdays or a special treat! All gift vouchers are valid towards any course at Beauty Training Harrow, and also for any of our treatments at Yvonne Sullivan Beauty Salon!

Find out more about us today! Visit


We welcome male therapists into the beauty industry

May 26, 2014
I thought I’d dedicate my latest blog post to the rise in male beauty therapists coming through our doors! There’s been a recent boom in the male grooming market and it only looks set to grow.
The male grooming market is set to grow by 18% by 2018, says Mintel

The male grooming market is set to grow by 18% by 2018, says Mintel

I’ve been a beauty therapist and lecturer for 20 years and run my own ‘Fast Track’ beauty school offering NVQ Level 2,  3 and 4 beauty qualifications.

My main demographic of students have been mostly women, 19-55 from varied backgrounds.

However, I have seen a marked increase in male therapists coming to me to train and this is in line with new data from the market analyst Mintel. It says the “male personal care” market will increase by 18% by Dec 2018.


Why are men more attracted to beauty?

Other male grooming experts say that for men, it’s not just about men wanting to look “pretty” – they want to look “clean and distinguished”. So they’re coming to beauty therapists like me, not just to get polished up but to train themselves in how to give treatments. This has become a new clientele for me and a few trends I’d like to share are:
  • Many men are changing careers from professional jobs that they have trained years for, while some of my clients are from overseas
  • Men are mostly looking to train in threading, Thai massage, waxing, facials and pedicures. 
  • Male clients want pedicures because more and more are opting to wear flip-flops in summer and are concerned about their nails looking nice. Also, many of my female clients tell me they are very happy to be seen by male therapists.
  • I also teach a new Level 4 course in skin tag and blemish removals and this is the biggest upward trend in male treatments that I am seeing. Men hate skin tags! As well as giving skin tag treatments at the training centre here at Beauty Training Harrow, I also teach this advanced skill to both male and female therapists.
Men want nice feet for their summer flip-flops!

Men want nice feet for their summer flip-flops!

I would be interested in hearing from anyone else who has observations on the growth of male therapists and why they’re changing careers.

And if you’re looking to change careers and become a male therapist, or you’re looking for advanced courses in beauty therapy, please see our courses here.
Keep training!
Call +44 (0)206 2930 or email to find out more about our fast track courses!

5 easy steps to having hygienic make-up!

April 3, 2014

WE’RE ALL guilty of it and now Hollywood A-lister Jennifer Aniston has admitted it – she keeps make-up for 10 years! The star of Friends and Horrible Bosses admitted she even has clothes that are 20 years’ old that she just can’t part with.

Keep your products cleaner for longer with our 5 easy steps

Keep your products cleaner for longer with our 5 easy steps

In her interview with, the down-to-earth actress said: “I’ve had make-up in my drawer for ten years that I should probably get rid of. I just cleaned out my make-up drawer. I mean, I do get new mascaras and things like that. But I also have this weird thing (about saving).”

She added: “Like even my jeans from my 20s that I can’t get rid of. They’re high-waisted and short. I thought it was awesome. I still have red loafers from ‘Friends’! I can’t get rid of them. I have a nostalgia about them.”

I love that Jennifer is so refreshingly honest about her make-up and if you, too, keep make-up for a long time then here are 5 tips to keep some of your make-up collection in tip-top condition! Read more…

Top 11 tips to market your beauty salon

March 18, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 14.16.14With new beauty salons opening every month in London and the rest of the UK, marketing your own beauty salon is becoming ever more crucial to stay ahead of the competition.

Whether you’re just starting out or have only relied only on word of mouth up till now, you may need to think again about getting your business on the internet so that new clients can find you.

Here is my top 10 list of things you can do to promote your salon and make sure you stay fresh in the mind of your clients. Read more…

Beauty Training Harrow’s Winter Newsletter!

December 19, 2013

Welcome to Beauty Training Harrow’s Winter newsletter 2013

Maria, Namita, Shila & Rebecca are the latest therapists to complete their salon training techniques at Beauty Training Harrow

Maria, Namita, Shila & Rebecca are the latest therapists to complete their salon training techniques at Beauty Training Harrow

We hope your year has been both successful and rewarding, and can I just take this opportunity to thank you all so much for supporting the work we do here at Beauty Training Harrow.

Well 2013 has been a very busy year for us – we’ve seen many students through our doors this year, learning a range of new skills in waxing, manicures, facials, threading and, for the first time, Thai massage.

Our newest beauty therapy students managed to complete their NVQs in manicure-pedicure over four Saturdays and I’m so proud of Maria, Namita, Shila and Rebecca! Don’t forget we also have our Student Salon where you can practise on real clients in our beauty salon!

New courses!

Other new courses include Level 4 qualifications in Electrical Facials and Electrolysis to keep up with the demand for more advanced beauty treatments in high street salons and spas.

We’ve introduced new gift vouchers to use at any time of the year and which can be redeemed against any of our courses.

And we’ve also welcomed our first male therapists who have been here to learn everything from facials to threading to massage. Great to have you! Read more…

5 Top Beauty Tips for Winter

December 13, 2013

FREEZING temperatures and strong winds don’t mean you have to put up with dry, winter skin. So here are my top 5 winter tips to stay glowing and fresh-faced – even when the sun’s gone into hiding!

1. Get your H2O!
Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 12.43.31Winter makes us less thirsty but it’s important to keep you and your skin hydrated. Drinking plenty of water, delicious herbal teas and clear soups are not only good for nutrition but you’ll get daily H2O to flush out any toxins. Try a humidifier in the bedroom – these Zen Soto aroma diffusers from Neals Yard Remedies are also mini dehumidifiers and are perfect for winter and can help keep your skin from drying up in the cold weather. Read more…


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