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Facials: the secret to feeling good?

January 28, 2019

We may have turned our backs on 2018 but facing the New Year with a rejuvenating facial has been found to offer more than just a fresh glow.

screen shot 2019-01-15 at 14.06.01

By targeting meridian lines in the face, reflexology can help menopausal symptoms

An all-natural facial called ‘Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem’ is promising to offer longer-term benefits to women’s emotional, physical, mental and energetic health.

Facial Reflexology is now being seen as the natural alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy and some women going through the menopause have said it has helped restore their energy.

Other benefits are an enhanced feeling of wellbeing, a glowing complexion and it has improved symptoms such as hot flushes and sleepless nights.

What is Facial Refloxology?
Like reflexology on your feet, facial reflexology works on similar micro-maps of the body. The face’s closeness to the brain means that stimulus takes the ‘shortest possible route to the control centre of the body’ to potentially address your health imbalances.

screen shot 2019-01-14 at 00.10.14

The 35 acupuncture points on the face  are massaged lightly

As with acupuncture, reflexologists believe that channels known as ‘meridian lines’ flow through the body carrying ‘chi’ or energy. By targeting these lines in the face, reflexology can help.

London-based expert Nikke Ariff learnt the Lone Sorensen Lopez technique, which combines South American massage and Vietnamese acupuncture.

Her clients in Lavender Hill and Primrose Hill say facial reflexology is deeply relaxing – each treatment takes about 45 minutes and Nikke spends the first 10 minutes working on 35 acupuncture points on the face, massaging them lightly with her fingertips. She says: “This helps rebalance the body’s natural energy via the meridians, and improves circulation.”

Find out more about Facial Reflexology in London at Mind Body Positive.


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Beauty brands launch their Christmas Advent Calendars

October 26, 2018

START YOUR Christmas countdown here with a rundown of three great advent calendars to come to the beauty market.

Cowshed Beauty Advent Calendar

Cowshed Beauty Advent Calendar

ASDA has released its first ever beauty advent calendar – the ’12 Days of Christmas’ – which you can pick up for £20, while top brands including Elemis, Estee Lauder, Charlotte Tilbury, YSL and Jo Malone have all launched beautifully presented calendars at a range of price points. So here are three to consider.

Fortnum and Mason Beauty Advent Calendar £195

Fortnum & Mason Advent Beauty Calendar £195

Fortnum & Mason Advent Beauty Calendar £195

Contained within the drawers of this gorgeous beauty calendar is £625 worth of nourishing bath and body items, skincare and make-up essentials. Brands include 3Lab, Chantecaille, Aurelia, Noble Isle and Christian Breton. Nine full-size and 15 sample products included.
Click here for more info.

Cowshed Beauty Advent Calendar £90
This all-natural brand has developed a gorgeous calendar full of nourishing treats for the skin, body and hands. Products are made from ingredients such as lavender, cowslip flowers, apricots and chamomile, while cheeky product names include ‘Knackered Cow’, ‘Dirty Cow’ and ‘Saucy Cow’ – very a-moo-sing!
Click here for more details.

George at ASDA’s ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ £20
The first beauty advent calendar to be released from this superstore and great value too.

George at ASDA Advent Beauty Calendar £20

George at ASDA Advent Beauty Calendar £20

Products inside are worth £30 and include six satin lipsticks and six long-lasting nail polishes.
Click here for more details.


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What 2018 holds for the beauty industry

January 7, 2018

IT’S BACK and it’s just as big as ever! Professional Beauty Show London – Feb 25th-26th at ExCeL, London. With over 800 brands exhibited, including hundreds of new product launches and motivational seminars, this is the biggest event for the UK beauty industry – and it’s all under one roof! Book tickets here.

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 14.54.25

CGI image of the forthcoming woodland spa at Gisborough Hall Hotel (pic credit: Harris McCormack Architects)

INVESTMENT in UK spas continues to grow – The Langley, in Buckinghamshire opens a new spa this summer, with eight treatment rooms, a VIP suite with dip pools and a women-only thermal area. The Gisborough Hall Hotel is building a woodland spa, boasting 9 treatment rooms. And The Carden Park Estate spa in Cheshire will comprise a whopping 15 treatment rooms, a wellness garden and a range of hydro, massage, steam and sauna therapies.

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 14.54.32

CGI image of the forthcoming woodland spa at Gisborough Hall Hotel (pic credit: Harris McCormack Architects)

Online sales of beauty products are up 63% showing that the beauty industry is showing no signs of slowing down! Top tips for success in beauty included customer loyalty programs, product trials and social media platforms, which allow users to talk to each other about their purchases. Great news for beauty!

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30% of women link stress and anxiety to visible signs of ageing – so follow our 6 tips to help stay calm

April 4, 2017

NEARLY 30% of women believe stress and anxiety have an impact on visible signs of ageing. The survey by the Health + Aesthetics clinic in Surrey found that 21% of women said lack of sleep was the next biggest cause.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 14.32.05

Nearly 30% of women link signs of ageing to stress – read original article on Professional Beauty

A further 18% said having children was a factor while 15% blamed poor diet and fitness. Only 13% felt smoking, alcohol and sun exposure had anything to do with stress.

Dr Rekha Tailor, medical director at Health + Aesthetics, said: “If you’re busy with commitments at work and home, taking the time to look after yourself can soon slip way down on your ‘to do’ list. So take a holistic look at your health and pinpoint exactly what factors are causing you to feel so stressed.”

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 13.55.36

Neom’s motto: “Learn to be calm and you will always be happy” – visit the Neom website here

At Beauty Training Harrow, we feel it’s time to regain some ‘me time’ and bring back some calm into your life – so here are our 6 top tips to relax!

  1. After long days at work or hours spent studying for exams, a long hot shower can help revitalise your mind.
  2. Great bath smellies like Neom Bath Oils can do wonders to keep you calm. Neom’s motto is: “Learn to be calm and you’ll always be happy” – if you do this you can’t go wrong!
  3. Chamomile tea has many benefits but it’s renowned for its calming properties. Try one a day and you’ll start noticing the difference.
  4. Although women felt that alcohol and caffeine were not a big contributing factor to stress, nutritionists advise cutting them out to stay calm!
  5. Yoga is one of our all-time favourite ways to relax. A yoga class once a week can help you breathe more slowly, relax, unwind and cut yourself away from your worries for an hour. Thoroughly recommended!
  6. You can’t beat a spa treatment – personally we love a massage and there’s nothing more relaxing than an aromatherapy head and back massage to ease the mind.
Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 14.45.39

Enjoy the relaxing benefits of chamomile

We hope you enjoyed our tips for a thoroughly relaxing week!

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5 reasons to visit the Professional Beauty Show London this weekend!

February 23, 2017

IT’S BACK and it’s bigger than ever! Professional Beauty Show London is here. With 34,000 visitors, over 800 brands, hundreds of product launches and seminars galore, you’d be hard pressed to find any other show that brings the entire UK beauty industry together under one roof.

The show runs from February 26th-27th at ExCeL London and there’s still time to register for your free ticket. Just follow this link to register. Here are our 5 top tips to get the most out of your visit:

  1. New feature sees beauty students matched with top employers!

For beauty therapy students, head to The College Zone. This fantastic new feature to the show will match leading employers with the best new industry talent, and introduce students to internship and career opportunities.

The newness doesn’t stop there! The Launchpad zone brings together some of the biggest new products and treatments in one dedicated space. Stop by to see demonstrations of everything from the latest developments in nutrition for skin health, to a completely new nail system.

  1. Show offers and discounts

Look out for deals of up to 50% at Professional Beauty London, including 50% off the Australian Bodycare Hy-Wax Heater. Using digital heating technology, the product also promises to minimise the risk of cross-infection between clients. Remembscreen-shot-2017-02-23-at-12-54-09er Beauty Training Harrow’s blog about Microblading? Well for the first time at Professional Beauty Show, you can get almost £500 off training in this specialist skill with Brow Perfect Microblading. For a limited time they’re offering 20% off Hi-Brow and Microblading training, reducing the cost from £3,445 down to £2,999.


  1. Free demos showing latest treatment techniques

It’s free to attend demos of the latest skills and treatment techniques that are taking place on the Advanced Therapists Live Stage. Leading names include Ron Myers from the Consulting Room, Roy Crowley from 3D-lipo, Kevin Williams from Lumenis, and Lucie Hartley from iiaa. You need to register for a ticket to the show to gain entry and top demos are:

  • Infusion of vitamins, minerals and acids through radiofrequency and electroporation techniques
  • Laser for skin rejuvenation masterclass
  • Boost you profits with aesthetic treatments
  • Cryolipolysis – how to get into this growing body-shaping market
  1. New product launches

screen-shot-2017-02-23-at-13-15-00Nail Harmony is launching its Gelish Dip products at the Professional Beauty Show. It’s offering a one-day masterclass to get the best results from their product. For £90, you get training, plus 120 Gelish match colours and their French dip container. Staying on the subject of nails, Stylfile are offering two of their Gel Polish Remover Kits for £20. Created by ‘Inventor Tom’ from BBC’s The Apprentice, Stylfile have all their other products on show at stand K71.

  1. Check out Professional Beauty TV!

From this year’s award winners to more about what’s going on at the show, check out Professional Beauty’s YouTube vids here!

screen-shot-2017-02-23-at-12-28-04Have fun!

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Spring clean your beauty business for 2017

January 30, 2017

screen-shot-2017-01-24-at-13-30-42WHETHER IT’S old product lines lying about or your computer desktop needs a good clean-up, now’s a great time to give your salon, spa or mobile business a thorough spring clean.

You may have old unused samples, or a machine that hasn’t been dusted in a while. Or your salon could do with a traditional deep clean, or you have too many social media accounts and you need to delete some! Follow these great tips to get your 2017 off to a great start and generate some positive energy in your business again.

  1. Have a proper purge

Get rid of overused manicure-pedicure tools and unwanted tester products that are lying about, or at the bottom of your beauty bag. You may have promised your supplier that you’d try their samples out on clients and send them feedback, but it’s been a year now and you never did. If that’s the case, bag it up and put it in the trash, or donate it to someone who may find use for it. Then give your salon a proper deep-clean, including all brushes and tools. The sense of freedom you’ll get when you’re dust-free will be worth it!

  1. Digital detox

Go through your social accounts and make sure you’re active on the ones you’ve started. If you haven’t written any content for along while, think about whether these accounts are adding any value to your business and focus on the ones that are. File away random documents that are making your desktop look a mess. It’s such a nice feeling looking at a tidy screen and your brain will feel clutter-free again. And unsubscribe from newsletters you don’t read!

  1. Your physical desk

Whether it’s your kitchen table or your spa reception, organise your desk and drawers and remove unwanted clutter. Disinfect and clean your screen and keyboard. Buy new stationery if your current stationery’s starting to look tatty – you want to give a good impression to your business.

  1. Beautify your business!

Decorate your salon to complement your branding. Whether it’s colour-themed flowers and candles, a new uniform or tabard, or a new set of shelves for your products. Anything you can do to enliven and freshen things up will make you feel happy and will ultimately keep your clients coming back!

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3 of the Best Make-up Trends in 2017

December 23, 2016

This year is drawing to a close and it’s all about glitter and shimmer during this month of office parties, Christmas and New Year. So I thought I’d do a round-up of top lifestyle magazines to show what each of their beauty teams predicts will be the make-up trends for 2017.

1. Vogue

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 07.30.09.png

Going bold and colourful was the advice for Spring/Summer from Vogue.

The mag noticed the ‘clean face and wash-and-go hair look’ was all over the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week.

But the biggest trend was make-up inspired by the Eighties with a ‘more-is-more charm’.

“Lipstick-bright blush was applied to the temples at Kenzo and Chanel, side-swept curls made their mark at Topshop Unique, colour-pop lids at Nina Ricci.

Vogue writer Lisa Niven also noted that: “Marc Jacobs’s entire show was influenced by Eighties rave culture – with metallic eye make-up prominent.”


2. Elle
Elle Magazine is taking you back to the Sixties with predictions that statement eyes and lips will be the trend for 2017.


Star Wars make-up specialist Pat McGrath, who has her own make-up range, features heavily in Elle’s trends for Spring/Summer 2016.

The mag’s advice is to ‘mix colours to create a wine-stain lid’ and then dab it with Pat McGrath’s lab Skin Fetish Balm.
Elle notes that subtle looks are also coming in with make-up artist Monica Marmo leading the way.

Marmo used soft pinks and orangey golds in her Spring/Summer 2017 make-up looks but continued to define the face with strong eyebrows.

3. Cosmopolitan
screen-shot-2016-12-20-at-07-41-07Here’s a trend that’s easy to achieve, say the beauty team at Cosmo. Bronzed, dewy skin is always going to be a winner, so go for the sun-kissed look with a sheeny complexion. It’s simple – just sweep bronzer over your cheeks and eyes to recreate the look!
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Original pictures in this blog are in articles by Vogue, Elle & Cosmopolitan




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