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Pamper Mum this Mothers’ Day!

March 3, 2015
Spoil Mum rotten this Mothers' Day!

Spoil Mum rotten this Mothers’ Day!

It’s Mothering Sunday on March 15th so what better way to make your wonderful mum feel special than to totally pamper her! At Yvonne Sullivan Beauty we’re offering a fantastic Mothers’ Day Special with a very special price to match!

For just £50 we’ll treat your mum to Yvonne’s 60-minute Deep Cleansing Revitalising Facial and her totally gorgeous Luxury Manicure. 

Deep Cleansing Revitalising Facial 

  • Cleanse and tone
  • Exfoliate with luxury scrub
  • Intensive steam
  • Extraction of blackheads
  • Mask
  • Neck and face massage

Luxury Manicure

Luxury manicure including paraffin wax to soften dry, chapped skin

Luxury manicure including paraffin wax to soften dry, chapped skin

This is an amazing treatment for dry, chapped nails and dry skin. Hands and feet are soaked in paraffin wax. Don’t take our word for it – clients say this produces excellent results and they highly recommend it.

Gift Vouchers

You can pay for Mum’s luxury treatment on the day or in advance by purchasing a £50 gift voucher from us. Or, use your gift voucher to pay for any other treatment that she would prefer. (Click here to see all our beauty salon treatments)

Whatever you choose to do for Mothers’ Day on March 15th I hope you have fun with Mum!

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.41.10Yvonne x

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5 reasons to be excited about the Professional Beauty London 2015 show

February 22, 2015

IT’S THE UK’s biggest beauty industry show with over 800 leading brands exhibiting over a two-day period in London (Feb 22-23). Professional Beauty London is when the whole industry comes together, providing plenty of opportunities for networking and catching up on the latest trends. So here’s 5 reasons not to miss it!

Leading brands in action on the live demo stage

Leading brands in action on the live demo stage

1. Seminars and advice

Don’t miss out on the amazing seminars that offer great business advice, topical discussions, product news and cutting edge trends.

2. Talk direct to brand owners

Talking to an array of exhibitors will give you up-to-the-minute news on what’s current. They can offer you new inspirations as well as different trainings for you to update your skills and increase your salon offering.

From airbrush make-up and gel polish to high definition brows and staff management, leading industry brands will be presenting their latest courses. Those offering training (special prices if booked at the show) include: Airbase, Finishing Touches, HD Brows, Lash Perfect, Nail Harmony, Nouveau Beauty Group and Guinot

3. Skincare

Network, get advice and speaking direct to the brands you love at #PBLondon

Network, get advice and speaking direct to the brands you love at #PBLondon

Professional Beauty London brings all the latest innovations under one roof.
So whether you’re looking to expand, improve your client offering or just want excellent savings, there are 12 separate areas to the show: skincare, make-up, advanced treatments, nails, organic & natural, equipment, hair, training, retail, spa/wellness, holistic treatments and tanning.

For me the skincare section is a must because it has the most comprehensive range of professional skincare brands under the same roof.

Dermalogica is my personal favourite because of its innovative products that get skind results fast. Other big names to talk to about their products are: Aromatherapy Associates, Clarins, Decléor, Elemis, Guinot, Environ, Heaven, Phyotmer, Sothys and Thalgo. All these products will be in action on the Advanced Treatments live stage.

4. Nails

You can benefit from exclusive show offers available at the show only, or simply stock up on your favourite products, especially nails! Brands include: CND, OPI, essie, Jessica, ORLY, Cuccio, Gelish, Mavala, Morgan Taylor, NSI, Nubar, and IBD. One springs to mind for me.

OPI's new stand at Professional Beauty London

OPI’s new stand at Professional Beauty London

OPI has launched a new stand at Professional Beauty London (look for stand I12). This will showcase OPI professional systems and treatment, allowing visitors the chance to experience the full OPI range. The new stand will also hold exclusive previews of new collections and product innovations.

They are inviting visitors to the “OPI Experience”. Their treatment zones will focus on each OPI System by offering demonstrations from highly knowledgeable OPI educators and sales staff.

5. Make-up

We all know that in beauty it is vital to stay on top of the latest looks, techniques and product innovations so look out for Airbase, Artdeco, Clarins, jane iredale, HD Brows, Mii Cosmetics and Nouveau Contour at the show.

But you can also learn as well so look out for the Warpaint seminar programme, which will give you an insight into the world of make-up ‘artistry’. There are free live demonstrations held on the PB Live Stage.

Professional Beauty London will host the Warpaint Make-Up Competition catering for both students and professionals. Entering competitions is a great way to help raise your profile and gain industry recognition.

Enjoy the show!

Yvonne Sullivan is a beauty educator and founder of Beauty Training Harrow, which specialises in fast-track training in NVQs and VRQs in a wide range of beauty courses from Level 2-4.

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Introducing the latest trend in beauty treatments: Thai Table Massage

February 4, 2015

If you’re looking to offer something ‘current’ to your salon clients, then you should seriously think about ensuring therapists are trained and knowledgeable in Thai Table Massage techniques.

The new trend in Thai Table Massage techniques are a must

Thai Table Massage techniques are a must

This is a ‘must’ on your treatment menu! It is hugely popular with both male and female clients and it’s currently trending in spas and salons.

Thai Table Massage is a new combination of traditional Thai massage coupled with traditional Swedish massage.

Due to the high demand for this treatment, there has been a rapid soar in the number of therapists now training to be able to offer this service. Hot stone massage can also be incorporated into massage treatments to achieve the ultimate experience in massage techniques.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 17.18.43

Hot stone massage can be incorporated into any massage technique for the ultimate experience

Beauty Training Harrow is one of the few centres in the UK being able to offer this unique new UK Thai massage VTCT Level 3 qualification.

Starting dates are flexible and available on request. Please check our website for details or contact Yvonne Sullivan who will be delighted to give you more information and rates.

About Yvonne Sullivan

Yvonne Sullivan has been a beauty salon owner for over 25 years. She teaches Level 2-4 NVQs at her training centre, Beauty Training Harrow. It has achieved ‘excellent’ status from professional industry regulators. Yvonne has also amassed over 250,000 hits on YouTube with her professional tips on how to give beauty treatments.

Beauty Training Harrow contact details


Beauty Educator Yvonne Sullivan

Beauty Educator Yvonne Sullivan

Tel: 020 8206 2930


Twitter: @beautytraining

Facebook: Beauty Training Harrow

YouTube: Beauty Training Harrow

6 beauty tips for the New Year!

January 6, 2015

Christmas is the perfect time to let your hair down and indulge yourself, especially if you’ve been good all year.

Water of life - and great skin!

Water of life – and great skin!

But before you know it New Year has arrived and some of us (me included) regret being that little bit too over-indulgent! So I’ve found 6 great foods to get 2015 off to a healthy start by looking after your skin, eyes, hair – and your breath

1. Water

Keeping hydrated will improve circulation and give you a healthy glow. Leading nutritionists have found that fluid losses occur continuously – due to skin evaporation, breathing and going to the loo, and these losses must be replaced daily for good health.

Who would have thought Greek yoghurt could be great for your eyes!

Who would have thought Greek yoghurt could be great for your eyes!

Eight glasses or 2litres a day are the recommended guidelines. A practical and cheap way to drink your way to great skin health.

2. Greek yoghurt

Greek yoghurt contains amino acids which are good for preventing dark circles under your eyes.

3. Kidney beans

Cholesterol fighting kidney beans!

Cholesterol fighting kidney beans!

It seems cooking with kidney beans could benefit you well! A chilli or a three bean salad will give you a great source of protein, iron, zinc and biotin, which all stop brittle hair. Kidney beans are also a great source of fibre to reduce cholesterol and they are packed with potassium and magnesium – all essential nutrients to stay healthy.

4. Red pepper

Packed with antioxidants, which are great for keeping your skin clear.

5. Celery

The more you chew the more bacteria-battling saliva you produce, which gives you fresher breath.

Chew as much celery as you like

Celery is a saliva buster!

6. Peppermint tea

Already well known for its benefits to help digestion, peppermint tea is also good for relaxation. Drinking a cup of peppermint before bed is a great way to prepare yourself for a restful, sound sleep. It has been shown to help battle sleep deprivation and to battle stress, which can create tension in your muscles and make it harder to fall asleep.

This blog comes to you from Beauty Training Harrow, which runs London NVQ courses in all aspects of beauty including facials, manicure-pedicure, massage and eye treatments. To find out more visit, email or call 020 8206 2930.


How electrolysis skills can improve your clients’ self-confidence

November 13, 2014

WITH MORE women turning to electrolysis to remove their unwanted hair, Beauty Training Harrow is now offering an NVQ course for therapists to upgrade their skills. While waxing, tweezing and shaving are all temporary solutions it can leave clients feeling frustrated or depressed when their hair grows back thicker and darker.

Electrolysis can help improve your clients' self-confidence

Electrolysis can help improve your clients’ self-confidence

Roots are very large which cause a noticeable shadow under the skin and not surprisingly many sufferers pluck hairs out to stop this appearing. Sadly this can lead to ingrown hairs and damaged skin. A vicious circle then starts where women can’t stop plucking, even though she knows it makes the situation look worse.


In most cases, the exact cause of hirsutism is never identified but it tends to run in families. It is not harmful but it can reduce many women’s self-confidence. Some find they cannot go out without first checking their face for new hair growth and then plucking or waxing their hair before leaving the house.

Women normally produce low levels of male hormones (androgens) but if your body makes too much you may have unwanted hair growth.

A common cause is PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, as well as adrenal or thyroid problems. Women with PCOS and other hormone conditions that lead to unwanted hair growth may also have acne, irregular periods, trouble losing weight or diabetes.

Other causes include tumor or cancer of the ovary gland, or another condition called Cushing Syndrome, which is overproduction of corticosteroid hormones by the adrenal cortex – it often involves obesity and high blood pressure.

Electrolysis uses an electrical current to permanently kill individual hair follicles

Electrolysis uses an electrical current to permanently kill individual hair follicles

Weight loss can reduce hair growth or some women try bleaching or lightening of their hair to make it less noticeable. However, in the long-term this becomes part of a cumbersome routine and further loss of self-confidence.

Electrolysis uses an electrical current to permanently kill individual hair follicles so they do not grow back. Electrolysis works with the hair growth, using it to prevent more hairs from growing.

A course of electrolysis solves the problem by breaking hair removal down into small, manageable steps instead of trying to get rid of it all at once.

Although your clients won’t see results overnight, in the long-term they will see a dramatic improvement in their facial hair problem and quality of their skin. Electrolysis can therefore put them more in control of their lives and bring their self-confidence back.


Electrolysis courses at Beauty Training Harrow last for 7 weeks - sessions last 3 hours each

Electrolysis courses at Beauty Training Harrow last for 7 weeks – sessions last 3 hours each

Our Level 3 Electrolysis course teaches you the advanced technique of how to carry out permanent hair removal using the highly advanced “Rita Roberts” Digital Blend Electrolysis System. The course forms part of the VTCT Beauty Therapy NVQ Level 3 course and once completed you can progress to laser hair removal.

This open-learning course is for 3 hours each session (9.30am-12.30pm) and lasts for 7 weeks. It covers:

  • How to provide safe and effective diathermy needle epilation and blend electrolysis for body and facial hair removal
  • Government & local authority legislation
  • Anatomy and Physiology relating to electrolysis
  • Treatment planning and client consultation
  • Diatheramy and Blend techniques
  • Needle types
  • Practical skills
  • Aftercare

Courses can be one-to-one if you prefer but otherwise they are taught in very small groups. The cost is £450 plus the current VTCT fees.

To book your place on our Electrolysis NVQ course please call 020 8206 2930 or email Yvonne at

For more information about Beauty Training Harrow please click here

UK beauty consumers set to make their own perfect skincare in science labs

September 23, 2014

UK BEAUTY consumers are ready to provide their own blood, skin and hair samples for specialist laboratories to make skincare products to match their skin. Customers aged 40-60 and in pursuit of the perfect skin could soon have the chance to buy individualised skincare. According to analysts, they do not mind waiting up to a month for their own product.

Growth in in-store skin consultations leads to personalised skincare in science labs

Growth in in-store skin consultations leads to personalised skincare in science labs

With in-store skin consultancies continuing to grow, the demand for more personalised skincare products is set to become the biggest new trend in the beauty industry. A new survey by market analyst Canadean found that 45% of UK beauty consumers would consider choosing a laboratory over a department store beauty counter if it meant they could find a product to perfectly match their skin.

Individual skincare made in labs would carry the customer's surname

Above: Nivea’s ‘Face Facts’ campaign included customer skin consultations for women aged 40-60. Below: Individual skincare made in labs is set to carry the customer’s surname

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 12.48.32Of these, said they would pay a premium for the product, 54% said they would provide their own blood, hair and skin samples and 51% said they would give a DNA swab sample.

Canadean now values the global market for personal skincare to be worth $12.2 billion. Many brands already offer consumers an individualised skin consultancy in-store to detect their skin type and match them with the right product. But now personalisation has been taken to a new level as customers will be offered a more scientific attitude towards skincare with laboratory tests and individually labelled products.

Veronika Zhupanova, analyst at Canadean, said: “Over 22% of skincare consumption by volume globally is driven by individualism, and with the development of new technologies, manufacturers have opportunities to take it to a whole new level. Factors such as allergies, genetic predisposal, nutrition, climate and exposure to the sun are all individual needs perfect for tailoring.”

Explaining how personalisation works, Zhupanova said: “Companies such as Dermalogica, Clinique and Nivea have a set of products and then guide their customers on which one will suit them best. However, I think that we will see more brands taking this trend even further with more niche products made one-to-one in a lab where the cost and waiting time is higher.”

Nivea's Face Facts Campaign toured the UK with a skincare booth to allow women to seek individual advice about their skin

Nivea’s Face Facts Campaign toured the UK with a skincare booth to allow women to seek individual skincare advice

The skincare lab service is being offered in Russia already. Customers are invited to I.C. Lab where their skin is tested and product made specifically for their skin is ready in a few weeks – it also features their surname on the package. An eyecream costs around £50 for a 15ml pot.

The trend is also picking up slowly in the UK. In July, Nivea launched its ‘Face Facts Boutique’ for the new Cellular Anti-Age range. The rolling booth was set up in a number of UK shopping centres providing skin consultations using a new skin technology to analyse the customers’ skin, to advise on the best skincare routine and to answer any skin-aging questions.

Reacting to the new market trend, Professional Beauty Magazine said: “Personalised skincare will have a heavy influence on the future of the beauty market.”

This article is brought to you by Beauty Training Harrow, which teaches fast-track beauty NVQ and VRQ courses in London: facial, manicure-pedicure, facial electrics, massage, waxing, advanced waxing, eye treatments, Swedish & Thai massage, threading, blemish removal, electrolysis, cosmetic tanning, make-up and health & safety.

For contact details call +44 (0)208 206 2930 or email:

Thinking about a London course in Level 3 Facial Electrics?

August 22, 2014
On our Level 3 Facial Electrics course you will use galvanic and high frequency machines

On our Level 3 Facial Electrics course you will use galvanic and high frequency machines

TO GAIN EMPLOYMENT in most skincare centres throughout the UK it is a compulsory requirement to have Level 3 Facial Electrics.

If you already work in a salon but are looking to enhance your facial skills then you’ll already know that your clients are keener than ever to improve the condition of their skin and to reduce imperfections and blemishes in their quest for perfect skin!

It is proven that using electrical machines, for example, High Frequency or Galvanic can help them to achieve optimum results.

Level 3 is a requirement for most skincare centres in the UK

Level 3 is a requirement for most skincare centres in the UK

On our Level 3 Facial Electrics course you will use a variety of methods and machines to enable you to treat your clients for a range of advanced skin problems.

Level 3 machines include: Microdermabrasion, Milia extraction, Galvanic, High Frequency and Faradic.

If you are progressing from NVQ Level 2 it is worth noting that you can ‘cherry pick’ the units of Level 3 that you prefer to learn e.g. Facial electrics, massage. These can be taken as standalone units. They are still regarded as a valid Level 3 qualification, fully recognisable within the beauty industry and fully insurable.

Course requirements:

Call 020 8206 2930 for more information or visit our website for more details of all courses

Call 020 8206 2930 for more information or visit our website for more details of all courses

To upgrade to Level 3 in Facial Electrics you will require a Level 2 NVQ certificate in Facial.

Level 3 in Facial Electrics at Beauty Training Harrow runs 1 day a week for 5 weeks and dates can be tailor-made to suit you. We have a maximum of 2 students per Level 3 class at Beauty Training Harrow.

We have a no-nonsense approach to our training here with emphasis on practical results, ensuring you leave our centre with confidence in your new skill.

Beauty Training Harrow is delighted to announce that we have also received “excellent” for our training for the 8th consecutive time from the UK’s official beauty training body the VTCT.

Course fee: £329 plus VTCT fees

To find out more about our Level 3 Facial Electrics course please call us on +44 (0)208 206 2930 or email:

Or, contact us via our website where you can also learn more about all our courses.




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