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Facials: the secret to feeling good?

January 28, 2019

We may have turned our backs on 2018 but facing the New Year with a rejuvenating facial has been found to offer more than just a fresh glow.

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By targeting meridian lines in the face, reflexology can help menopausal symptoms

An all-natural facial called ‘Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem’ is promising to offer longer-term benefits to women’s emotional, physical, mental and energetic health.

Facial Reflexology is now being seen as the natural alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy and some women going through the menopause have said it has helped restore their energy.

Other benefits are an enhanced feeling of wellbeing, a glowing complexion and it has improved symptoms such as hot flushes and sleepless nights.

What is Facial Refloxology?
Like reflexology on your feet, facial reflexology works on similar micro-maps of the body. The face’s closeness to the brain means that stimulus takes the ‘shortest possible route to the control centre of the body’ to potentially address your health imbalances.

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The 35 acupuncture points on the face  are massaged lightly

As with acupuncture, reflexologists believe that channels known as ‘meridian lines’ flow through the body carrying ‘chi’ or energy. By targeting these lines in the face, reflexology can help.

London-based expert Nikke Ariff learnt the Lone Sorensen Lopez technique, which combines South American massage and Vietnamese acupuncture.

Her clients in Lavender Hill and Primrose Hill say facial reflexology is deeply relaxing – each treatment takes about 45 minutes and Nikke spends the first 10 minutes working on 35 acupuncture points on the face, massaging them lightly with her fingertips. She says: “This helps rebalance the body’s natural energy via the meridians, and improves circulation.”

Find out more about Facial Reflexology in London at Mind Body Positive.


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